Thai Foot Reflexology at Siam Eescape Thai Massage Therapy Chatswood

Thai Foot Reflexology

Treat your feet with a Thai foot massage. This massage focuses on the areas of the foot and moves up through the ankles, calves, shins and lower leg. Our therapist will apply pressure to specific pressure points of the soul of the foot and use massage techniques in order to stimulate the circulation to the lower legs and feet.

Our special blend of balm and moisturising cream is applied during the massage to relieve aches and pains, and help keep your feet supple and lush. Includes a seated head, neck and shoulder massage. 

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30 mins $40

60 mins $69

90 mins $99

120 mins $129

60 mins (e-Voucher) $65

90 mins (e-Voucher) $94

120 mins (e-Voucher) $123

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Deep Tissue Heated Oil Massage

Relieves severe tension with the soothing benefits of heat and natural oils.

  • 30 mins - $60
  • 60 mins - $99
  • 90 mins - $145
  • 120 mins - $185
  • 60 mins (e-Voucher) - $94
  • 90 mins (e-Voucher) - $138
  • 120 mins (e-Voucher) - $176

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Facial Treatment

Our facial massage consists of a gentle, deep clean, with a scrub exfoliating the skin cells and helping the skin to absorb nourishing oils and creams.

  • 30 mins - $50
  • 60 mins - $89
  • 60 mins (e-Voucher) - $85

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Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage using heated basalt stones will soothe and invigorate as they are placed on special chakra points across the body. Combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage provides a very healing and effective experience.

  • 60 mins - $109
  • 90 mins - $149
  • 60 mins (e-Voucher) - $99
  • 90 mins (e-Voucher) - $129

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Reviews From Our Customers

Always amazing.

Always amazing. Really professional and great massages. We've been customers for 2 years now. They serve some delicious tea at the end as well.

Grace Davis via Google

Great massage!

Great massage, professional service. Recommend the deep tissue massage.

Linda Hong via Google

I love it here!

I love it here! It's my local go to. Their tea after is amazing. Very relaxing and invigorating packages.

Bianca Coluccio via Google